Being led by God to start a new Christ honoring work in this area, several men met on February 5, 1972 to organize New Hope Baptist Church (later changed to Temple Baptist Church). One week later 32 adults met to discuss church organization and a possible meeting place. Our first service was held in one of the members' homes on February 13, 1972. We met there for 4-5 weeks.
After much prayer, the old Koehler Baptist Church building became available. On Sunday, February 25, 1972, we had our first service there with Rev. Tommy Mills as speaker. We were in this building for approximately 10 months.
On April 27, 1972, Rev. James Bender was voted in as our first pastor. He came to Martinsville from Open Door Children’s Home in Hazard, KY. As the church grew, it was decided to move upstairs in the Collinsville Shopping Center. We were there 3-4 years and at times services would have over 300 people in attendance. We also had a growing bus ministry with 2 large buses.
On July 11, 1974, the church voted to purchase land on English Road at our present location. We bought 10-11 acres for $48,000.00. We paid a down payment of $8,000.00 and the remainder was to be paid within 5 years with no interest. The note was paid in 3 years.
On August 12, 1974, Pastor Bender resigned to begin a new work and Rev. Julius Bradshaw was called as our second pastor in February 1975. Under his leadership, we started the building we now have. Many improvements have been made over the years to this building we now worship in. Pastor Bradshaw left in 1980 to go into evangelistic work.
Rev. Rick Richards came from Joy Ranch Children’s Home to be our pastor in 1980 and was with us for 2 years. He felt led by the Lord to go back to work with the children at Joy Ranch and resigned in May 1982.
On January 9, 1983, Don Reynolds was called as pastor of Temple Baptist Church and is now in his 38th year of laboring and serving the Lord.
A fellowship building was built in April of 2005 which includes a prophets chamber that visiting pastors and missionaries are able to use.
Temple Baptist Church has been richly blessed of God during these years. Many have been saved and two called to preach, Eddie Hawks and J. D. Walker. At present we support 23 missionaries in various parts of the world.